Shaughnessy, located in the heart of Vancouver, spanning about 477 hectares, is bordered by 16th Avenue to the north, 41st Avenue to the south, Oak Street to the east, and Arbutus Street/West Boulevard to the west.

In order to preserve First Shaughnessy’s unique pre-1940’s character homes, the First Shaughnessy Development (FSD) zoning was implemented.  The FSD plan provides incentives for retention and restoration of older houses, and requires compatible architectural and landscape character in new homes.

YTtechnologies provides existing floor plans and elevations required to help with the retention and restoration of these classic heritage homes.  Most of these heritage homes lack floor plans.  This is where YTtechnologies comes in; with our state of the art technology, we collect all of the information on site and create the floor plans from scratch.  At the same time, we can collect all of the necessary heights and exterior details for us to provide you with the elevations necessary to obtain the correct permits.  Please see the gallery below with our many samples of work. If you have any questions click here to send us an email.