We will digitize your paper drawings to an accurate workable AutoCAD drawing. The drawings will be generated based on the U.S. National CAD Standards as adopted by the AIA (American Institute of Architects) or any other standard as specified by you.

Conversion services include:

  • Raster to Vector
  • Paper to CAD
  • Dwg to CAD
  • Pdf to CAD



Our drafters have extensive industry expertise and advanced technical capabilities that embrace every aspect of your project.  We have decades of experience in AutoCAD and state-of-the-art hardware to ensure your project will be completed on time with superior quality. 


We also offer client CAD verification services.  We will use your existing CAD and confirm the measurements in the field to verify if the existing drawings are accurate.  The final deliverable is an assessment report further outlining our findings and providing the necessary recommendations.