As-Built Floor Plans

Advantage in technology.  YTtechnologies uses industry leading surveying software that automatically draws the floor plans as the survey is being performed, helping to drastically reduce the time spent in post-processing.  This eliminates the process of going back to the office and re-drawing in CAD.  You receive your product faster, of higher quality, and at a lower cost than our competitors.

Our field technicians locate and record everything that is visible.  In addition to basic as-built data, we collect additional data such as electrical, telephone and communication, fire safety features, furniture, and reflected ceiling details. 

YTtechnologies' services are used by property owners and managers, home owners, architects, designers, space planners, engineers, sales and leasing agents, brokers, and tenants.  Our as-built floor plans are used for marketing materials, BOMA area analysis, renovations, due diligence, tenant improvements, area dispute resolution, emergency evacuation signage, and CAFM integration.


YTtechnologies has years of experience in the production of elevations.  Whether for home renovations, signage, redecorating, presentation, and design, we have the resources and the capabilities for all your needs.  Our technology allows us to collect all the necessary information in the field to produce exterior and interior elevations, and generate the views specified by you.

Click here to see our sample library from Vancouver's Shaughnessy neighbourhood.