YTtechnologies measures buildings to provide as-built floor plans and BOMA area analyses within the Greater Vancouver Area and beyond.  The company is founded by two partners with a strong passion for building measuring and computer assisted design.  In addition to floor plans and lease plans, we provide reflected ceiling plans, electrical, furniture, elevations, marketing plans, and more.

YTtechnologies is positioned to cater to virtually every sector: commercial, retail, industrial, and residential.  Our clients include property managers, architects, designers, space planners, sales and leasing agents, and building owners. 

Members of the YTtechnologies team have over 16 years of experience with BOMA Floor Measurement Standards.  We are experts in all BOMA area calculation methods and area certification.

Our team includes members from all disciplines including and not limited to architectural, civil, mechanical, structural, and electrical.  We strive to deliver a product of superior quality at an affordable price.  We are also committed to project accuracy, timely completion, and exceptional customer service.